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The Very Large Array (VLA) comprises 27 radio telescopes in a Y pattern spread across the plains of San Agustin 50 miles west of Socorro. The VLA has been used by more astronomers and has been mentioned in more scientific papers than any other radio telescope in the world. Each antenna is an 82-foot diameter dish that weighs 230 tons. The on-site visitor center and gift shop offers displays and videos that educate about radio astronomy and the VLA telescope, and are open all year from 8:30 am to sunset. A self-guided tour lets visitors explore the antennas up close. (575) 835-7000.
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  1. chumanho says:

    It’s the Foothill College observatory, right?

  2. EikC says:

    I knew I recognized something. The music in the background: Jonn Serrie - The Night

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