Top Ten Best Amateur Telescopes

| March 24, 2012 | 24 Comments

Join us across the universe with the top ten best telescopes. Whether you’re advanced, amateur or just a new beginner into the world of astronomy we can help find the right telescope for you. We’ll guide you through collimation, online support, light-gathering and tripods.
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A world render of the amazing video posted by Stephane Guisard Please watch the Original in 1080p, it is amazing


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  1. Haqpyfeet says:

    Yes. mine is. There wasn’t a single decent scope there, even for the sub $500 market.

  2. cavelltodd says:

    Orion Skyquest XT4.5 has a robust tripod? It sure looks like a dobsonian mount to me. Maybe it has three little foot pads on the bottom of the mount lol.

  3. Phummy4000 says:

    @Haqpyfeet well DUH
    its ametuer telescopes

  4. Haqpyfeet says:

    @kenskebabs That’s funny, my $3600 wasn’t on the list of “best amateur telescopes”

    Clueless bitch of a presenter has no idea what he is talking about, has nothing but cheap scopes, and is merely attention whoring for views. Fuck you Rich BonoDouche.

  5. kenskebabs says:

    No information about why the scopes are good, no mention of different mount types and why those are beneficial to observation. No mention of go to and manual mounts. A ridiculous review by a clueless presenter. Waste of video time.

  6. Kaincito13 says:

    The number 5 is so funny. Btw i own a 4.5 inch reflector Orion Starblast.

  7. SeanOBriain says:

    @Universe1630 Actually, it’s 8 inch.. Not 7.9 inches. It’s 203mm diameter.

  8. Universe1630 says:

    @SeanOBriain 7.9 inch telescope…forget i said anything that kind of thing bothers me…especially 150mm telescopes..its really 5.9″…152mm is 6″

    I wish i had a telescope like that!!

  9. SeanOBriain says:

    My first telescope was a SkyWatcher Skyliner 200P – An 8″ dobsonian.. A brilliant introduction, with great visuals! I have a Celestron C11-SGT now, but it’s not for beginners.

  10. arkansoul says:

    @TheodoreJudah You answered this question for me as well. I’ve ALWAYS loved celestial beings, but never bought a telescope. Thanks.

  11. TheodoreJudah says:

    @KSATica I would stay away from inexpensive refractor telescopes. They are often as flimsy as they are frustrating. If you do get a refractor, get a SOLID mount – this often means buying the optical tube and a tripod separately. This can get expensive though. This setup can be great if your home has a view. Can be used for terrestrial and sky viewing. The costs can add up though.

    Hope this helps.

  12. TheodoreJudah says:

    Orion XT6 Classic Dobsonian Telescope _ I would have loved this scope as a beginning astronomer. They have a package deal that includes a barlow lens. You can snap planet and moon pictures through the eyepiece with pretty good results. Strictly for astronomy – not terrestrial use.

    A spotting scope. As a kid I used one to look at the moon many times for hours. I tried to find Haley’s comet but did not have enough knowledge. Great for bird/nature/sports watching too. Best for day use.

  13. TheodoreJudah says:

    @KSATica That’s not an easy question for me to answer for you. But I can give a list of my recommendations – scopes that I would have loved to have owned as a beginner yet are affordable. But YOU should read all you can. Know exactly what you will be able to see with any given telescope. Be sure to use whatever you buy. I big bulky, hard-to-set-up scope will not get used as much as a smaller, simple design.

  14. KSATica says:

    @TheodoreJudah What is the best telescope to purchase because I’m looking into one that has many great features and just curious on what would be the best for a beginner.

  15. MrJordanflys says:

    god he has just no idea what a beginner would need.

  16. petenicezz says:

    @rich1051414 they don’t leave in space

  17. rich1051414 says:

    @petenicezz Pointed at your neighbors window.

  18. petenicezz says:

    Where are places I could use a telescope

  19. JFri4321 says:

    Help advanced star gazers?… not so much. lol

  20. DillonDemas says:

    how did those simple tube celestrons make it but my astromaster 114 didnt? i feel as though it would be better

  21. ferrett78 says:

    Seriously? Long tube refractors on equatorial mounts are the LAST thing I would recommend for a beginner.

  22. sauros7300 says:

    Oh! by the way if the elements I talk about in my previous comments are too technical for beginner that mean they should to a specialized store to have real advises to by a telescope… So don’t do a review on something that need real advises

  23. sauros7300 says:

    Sorry that’s not a telescope review it is astronomical toys review. the most words I hear is “lot of features” what about aperture, focal Length, focal ratio and eyepiece size. All thinks that need to be consider for a real telescope, not about the great color of the bag coming with it or some kind of concern.

    Sorry guys, don’t make review about something you don’t know 😉

  24. fly44d says:

    :-) This is very cool also!

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