Time Lapse Telescope Setup – Astrophotography Tutorials

| May 11, 2012 | 3 Comments

Setting up my telescope at a campsite. I wish it took only 3 minutes to setup! Actual time to setup my telescope = 1 hour. Telescope Equipment: Orion Atlas Mount, EON120 Refractor, Parsec 8300M, Nautilus Filter Wheel, 80MM Guide Scope, Lodestar Auto Guider, Moonlite Focuser, and 2 – 125AH Deep Cycle Batteries. Filmed with GOPRO Hero Time Lapse. Music By Flaw 9.


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  1. DugDog says:

    Hi Greg, thanks for the kind complements. The Ace Bandages help retain the heat for my dew heaters. While at a remote location power is very limited. By wrapping the dew heaters, the ace bandages act as blankets, thus I don’t need as much power to prevent dew. Dew heaters suck up lots of power when you’re running on a battery, so any extra power I can gain is a bonus!

  2. gvblk4yt says:

    Well Done….Now I can show how much effort to folks that don’t have a clue what it takes hot cold or in between What are the tube wraps for??


    Greg K.

  3. DugDog says:

    Thanks David! I had lots of fun using the time lapse. That should be a contest, guess what each frame represents. It goes pretty fast! If you have a question about any of the steps I’ll try to answer them…Just give me a time stamp of the video and I’ll try to explain it.

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