The Star Party – How to Focus Your Telescope: Tips and Tricks

| April 15, 2012 | 15 Comments These simple hacks will get you tack-sharp focus on objects seen through a telescope. This is an episode of “The Star Party,” a video guide to amateur astronomy from the crew of Orion Telescopes & Binoculars. Visit http to find high quality products for amateur astronomers.
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  1. oriontelescopes says:

    Hi UnrealChainz420x2,

    The Shorty Barlow will definitely help, and you can always add on another eyepiece to use by itself or with the Barlow. But I wouldn’t go much past around 250-300x at most. After that, the atmosphere is unstable enough to cause blurring of the image and you’ll lose detail. So 250x magnification would be around a 5mm by itself, or a 10mm with a Barlow lens.

    Orion Telescopes

  2. UnrealChainz420x2 says:

    I recently recived my first telescope the classic dobsonian orion skyquest xt8, the eyepiece with it is the sirius plossl 25mm, telescope focal length is 1200mm.

    with just the eyepiece I can see alot however not much detail. I also wanna see Saturn’s rings I did order a shorty barlow it is in shipment atm. But am I correct in thinking I want a smaller lens like 3mm or 7.5 wouldn’t 3mm divided by 1200 be 400x mag? I’m confused on what would work the best.

  3. WatchmenDrManhattan says:

    Celestron CLST-C70, Mini Mak Spotting Scope

  4. TheBrahoule says:

    I saw almost all astronomers videos on youtube and i never see any of them talking about real tricks for focusing…I am doing astrophotography and the “Trick” that i use to focus is called “Bahtinov mask” . This is easy to done by yourself. You can also find a webcite to help you to calculate your mask and print it .
    Personnaly, this is the easiest way to focusing your telescope. The Bahtinov mask is not only good for astrophoto but also good for naked eyes observations…

  5. lilgrlkissesnhugs says:

    Thanks alot! I will defeintly be getting the barlow and another eyepiece very soon. I seen saturn for the first time in my telescope and i was absolutly astonished, i was able to see 2 moons with it as well, defiently a image that will remain in my mind for a very long time.

  6. oriontelescopes says:

    Hi lilgrlkissesnhugs,

    You would definitely be able to see galaxies with that combination, as long as you aren’t in a very light polluted location. As for Saturn, yes you can see the rings, but they will be very small at that magnification. The barlow you mentioned would be perfect for bringing the planet closer and would be my first recommendation for an add-on to help see more planetary detail.

    Hope that helps, thanks!
    Orion Telescopes

  7. Gestionmusical says:

    Thanks for your video, it has been very helpful to me!

  8. Century25 says:

    The guy is too.. excitable…? He is totally into it. That aside – it is really a very good scope.

  9. alikill says:

    is the focusing tube plastic?

  10. jellepieters says:

    enjoy your new scope!


    *looks at the guy’s face ..*

  11. gianboy2001 says:

    I think I’ve seen you on about 3 other video posting the same thing.

  12. MrBakuganfan123 says:

    i have the 70 AZ

  13. golfguy1010 says:

    nice video. A word of caution for anyone buying a celestron telescope. they are nice but pray you never break something like I did on my tripod for my astromaster 130. THEY ARE IMPOSSIBLE TO GET PARTS FOR ALL YOU GET IS THE RUN AROUND,so buy anything else but celestron.

  14. flintcurse says:

    thank u for this i didnt wanna break my baby

  15. sonzbroz says:

    i have 70eq

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