The Star Party – “Fuzzies” – Galaxies, Nebulae, Comets (Telescopes)

| June 2, 2012 | 12 Comments There are a few tricks to enjoying the more subtle strokes on the cosmic canvas. We’ll show you how in this episode of “The Star Party,” a video guide to amateur astronomy from the crew of Orion Telescopes & Binoculars. Visit http to find high quality products for amateur astronomers.
Video Rating: 4 / 5 David Reneke discusses How to Purchase Telescopes. Get the tips on how to purchase the right telescope from David Reneke Astronomy expert. We publish a weekly email Astronomy Newsletter that covers everything about Astronomy. When you subscribe you get our free ebook Idiots Guide to Astronomy.


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  1. wiggmiten says:

    hey do yo think the xt8 is good?im getting mine tomorrow.i have a 60mm refractor on a EQ mount but i want to observe some DSO’s and the xt8 ws a good price for a nice sized aperature

  2. iamasais says:

    This is probably my favorite video by you

  3. mylove19821 says:

    Brilliant Work

  4. wojuffHD says:

    that was great keep it up

  5. mommylovesmyrtle says:

    gg you need to play more 

  6. 11risingsun11 says:

    Very good swing! 

  7. phuonglai84 says:

    Class! Nice video mate!

  8. leonHaywardOfficial1 says:

    COOL VID… keep up the good work

  9. maricfigu says:

    Great job im gonna suscribe!!!

  10. diepha49 says:

    Love this vid. ^_^

  11. ThanhBT1109 says:

    Fantastic, sub/thumb/faved you :) MORE VIDEOS!!

  12. aznb0jjzh4nd0jlk says:

    Well done just earned a new subscriber!

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