The Sky-Watcher Heritage 130P FlexTube™ 130mm Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope (A buyer’s guide)

| March 5, 2012 | 9 Comments

A guide to the Sky-Watcher Heritage 130P FlexTube™ 130mm Parabolic Dobsonian Telescope. The Heritage-130P has been specially designed to celebrate the International Year of Astronomy 2009 and the 400th Anniversary of Galileos first telescope. Available at: Presented by Robert J Dalby Produced by The Astronomy and Nature Centre in association with ARB Media Productions.
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  1. JustWickedSwede says:

    I bought this, got it a couple of days ago.
    Yesterday was cloudy, today too. But as the evening arrived the moon started to appear.
    For the first time I looked at the moon 65x, it was amazing. I then pointed it towards a dot in the sky which I suspected to be Jupiter. I looked in the occular, focused and BAM! There it was, Jupiter and it’s moons. This made my day. I’m in love!

  2. ThrashingBastardHell says:

    I’m in love .___.

  3. MrAlienpirate says:

    i want one its so cute !!

  4. nikanj says:

    They need to implement that sort of extension mechanism in larger dobs so save having to carry around all those screws and trusses.

  5. TheCHUCKY1992 says:


  6. stolenfeather says:

    I actually have a ten inch Dobsonian but just bought this one to use when camping. Great review, thanks!

  7. xapanda1x says:

    just ordered one from your website. im so exited !

  8. graffias79 says:

    @dcdean01 Bushnell markets this for the USA. I think I saw it at Optics Planet.

  9. Drosoaldo says:

    Very helpful and professional review. Just what I needed to take the plunge and buy this little gem of a starter’s scope!

    Thank you!

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