Sky-Watcher Guide Scope Mount

| October 25, 2012 | 16 Comments

Video review and demonstration of the Sky-Watcher Guide Scope Mount.
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  1. AstroRef68 says:

    Oh I found the problem I had to open my emails and to submit or to be double chesk for security reason any way now it work and God willing i’ll stay in touch

  2. astronomyshed says:

    Go to the main page and click the contact button, send me an email with your username and i’ll fix it

  3. AstroRef68 says:

    Hi I tried to go to astronomyshed but aftrer I got register didnot accept my pasword again and have no idea how to contact you for help there but I just begin with my EQ6 for photography and your videos are helping me a lot but thene it makes me more questions
    thanks refet.

  4. AstroRef68 says:

    Ido have st80 i just need to learn how to guide.thanks my friend

  5. astronomyshed says:

    Buy an ST80 scope as seen on the video and fit the webcam to the ST80, then use software called ‘phd’ for guiding, best way to focus your DSLR is to use a bahtinov mask. But please do not use my youtube channel as a technical support forum, I have a site at astronomyshed for that.

  6. Sheshader says:

    Good news, thanks. :-)

  7. astronomyshed says:

    Hi, I believe so, it’s absolutely rock solid, I have an ST80 on mine with diagonal and synguider and it works brilliantly, I’m certain your setup suggested will perform equally as well with the mount.

  8. Sheshader says:

    Deftly and stealthily delivered. :)

    Great review BTW, you’ve really made my mind up about this mount. No more six-bolt chaos in -15c temps at 3am!

    Do you reckon it’s sturdy enough to take a Megrez 72 + Synguider (+ 2″ WO diag if required to reach focus)?

  9. jamieball says:

    I am definitely excited to get my guide scope setup going.. I agree with you, it is built very well and feels like it can handle a decent weight.. up to 7kg? I think

  10. astronomyshed says:

    It fits solidly enough with the one bolt, however, since making the video I used the holes in the puck to measure a second hole on the bottom which I drilled and tapped to 1/4 whitworth which matches the single one already there, now you can, if required, fit the puck on the BOTTOM of the bracket and use it as a quick release mechanism to fit on another scope, or just use 2 bolts to fix it to a second dovetail on main scope, one thing I loved about the mount is it’s adaptability.

  11. jamieball says:

    Hello, I just got one of these guidescope mounts.. Are you only using one screw to attach it to the dovetail?? I am thinking about drilling a second hole on the bottom of it to be more secure.

  12. skylinevspec000 says:

    Again fantastic video..

  13. WarmWeatherGuy says:

    Thanks. When I get serious I will find a way to get one. Celestron is supposed to be a Skywatcher distributor. I might try to get them to order one for me. First I am looking for an old beat up C5 OTA that I can get cheap to use as the guide scope. Then I will get the Celestron NexGuide Autoguider which is the same thing as the SynGuider. BTW – your review of the SynGuider was brilliant. I hope the makers see your video and make the changes you asked for.

  14. astronomyshed says:

    Take a look at Orion as some of the Skywatcher stuff is badged by them, also you may be able to ship it from Canada as Skywatcher products are definitely in Canada.

  15. WarmWeatherGuy says:

    This is awesome. They need to sell it in the USA. We don’t have anything that nice here. This is exactly what I need. GuideScope rings suck.

  16. astronomyshed says:

    An opportunity that just couldn’t be missed ;o)

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