SkiFi Wireless Telescope Control

| September 10, 2012 | 6 Comments

Carina Software wireless telescope review. Works with iPad, iPhone, iPod, and works fantastically easy. Worth every penny, cause it will spark more interest in people when they can look at images and descriptions, and decide if they want to observe that item.
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  1. dramodt says:

    Yes, and the app has had many nice updates since posting this. Still the best astronomy app out there.

  2. Fibr3Optix says:

    Is there a night filter on the app?

  3. dinnerandashow says:

    Any software/hardware for iPad or Mac that integrates video/photo capture with the servos.

  4. dramodt says:

    Not sure, But would love to see that 10″

  5. TheHemiphil81 says:

    i have a 10 inch tmb apo refractor on an ap 1200 mount.i use sky would wifi slew it.

  6. dramodt says:

    The mount is fine, the WO is a doublet apo (awesome!). Just not impressed with either the wired or wireless version of the SkyWire. 

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