Save The Last Great Telescope

| September 29, 2012 | 17 Comments

The Green Bank Telescope (GBT) is the world’s largest fully steerable radio telescope and the world’s largest land-based movable structure. It is part of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) site at Green Bank, West Virginia, USA. NRAO is located in the National Radio Quiet Zone, a 13000 mile zone where all radio transmissions are either limited or banned outright, to help the telescope function properly. With the growing popularity of radio-array telescopes, the GBT may end up being the last single-dish telescope of its kind built in the world. Motherboard traveled to this remote part of West Virginia to investigate one of the last remaining vestiges of single dish big science and the people who are fighting for it. On August 16, 2012, A committee appointed by the National Science Foundation (NSF) recommended that the Green Bank Telescope be fully divested from its inventory by 2017. To find out how to help go to: Read the more here: SPACED OUT – produced by Follow MOTHERBOARD Facebook Twitter: Check out the first episode of Spaced Out: Subscribe for new videos everyday: Check out our full video catalog: Videos, daily editorial and more: Like VICE on Facebook Follow VICE on Twitter: Read our tumblr:
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  1. darnelldingler says:

    You dont get rid of your current equipment until you have the new one in place.

  2. egn83b says:

    Its a nice dish but its old and outdated. Its like the model T of collectors. Now we got faster and better technology now that can run in deep space where we can get better collection data.

  3. darnelldingler says:

    That is a terrible analogy. Dish size=collection power.

  4. egn83b says:

    Don’t save this dish. The reason to get rid of it means technology has gotten better and its outdated. Its too big and expensive. Its like when the computer took a room, now it fits in your pocket. Many smaller dishes throughout the world can accomplish more then just this big monster.

  5. drln1 says:

    13000 square miles is different to 13000 miles square. the area they describe would be equivalent to a square with sides about 114 miles long.

  6. SmokingSevens says:

    Maybe the description should be updated to 13,000 _square_ miles… Big difference between 13,000 miles and 13,000 square miles.

  7. SmokingSevens says:

    13000 miles? So nearly half the circumference of Earth?

    “Hey China! We’re going to need you to squeeze over closer to the Mediterranean. Portugal? You and Iceland are going to have to bunk together with the Ukraine.”

  8. tomato9313 says:

    what can someone do to help???

  9. Chinkslink says:

    people have thrived for thousands of years without cars as well, that doesn’t mean much because times change. have a good day sir

  10. TwistedTransistor88 says:

    being stupid is a sickness just like cancer, ambitious things are to hard for the mass to understand,…this is very interesting.

  11. vamparik says:

    hah I’m as far away from being Jewish as possible. i get my education from Australian university’s, science articles ect. in Australia we don’t get fox news. the government isn’t trying to brainwash us, or control us. Julia Gillard (the Australian prime minister) is atheist Australian, i am atheist Australian. my great grandfather was atheist Australian. thanks for assuming multiple details about me. shows how stupid you are

  12. xPowerofwillx says:

    Lol religion. Anyway, what would a business man be doing living out in the country? Don’t you realize humans have thrived without the use of phones for thousands of years? If you dont like it move maybe. I’m sure its been there for a while and the people who do live there have adapted and don’t care too much. But that’s just my opinion.

  13. itscrazytrevor says:

    @rmlimodriver69 Do diesel car & trucks not use spark plugs?

  14. itscrazytrevor says:

    Do chemtrails effect radio telescopes? There are chemtrails in this @VICE video!

  15. itscrazytrevor says:

    Forget about Aliens! There is Space Sugar!

  16. Andrew92Swim says:

    he possibility of solar systems/
    the possibility of planetary systems/
    the possibility of earth like planets (we think) /
    the possibility of conditions which can support life (known or unknown to us)/
    the possibility of dna present/
    the possibility of complex life forms/
    the possibility of intelligent life forms/
    the possibility of more intelligent life forms then ourselves times
    the size of the universe =
    …a huge chance for intelligent beings…

  17. Emanuel Dubei says:

    i like to think that a big bang starts when two parallel universes touch.
    If you watch all 5 parts then you will understand what i mean. Mind blowing documentary.

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