Review of the Meade ETX-LS ACF Telescope by Jonathan Margolis

| May 22, 2012 | 10 Comments

Review of the Meade ETX-LS ACF Telescope by Jonathan Margolis. Source: How To Spend It – Technopolis TV Available at:


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  1. AstronomyAndNatureTV says:

    Hi and thanks. We’ve got lots of customers enjoying using the LS (and LT) range of telescopes for astro-photography. But the field rotation problem and the fact that the LS cannot be operated in equatorial mode limits long exposure photography to under a minute – and that’s if you are imaging a target on or very near the celestial equator. Anywhere else, and your images will be marred by circular star trails of increasing severity as you move out from the centre of the image. KR A&NC

  2. AstronomyAndNatureTV says:

    Update: The LS is now available in 8″ aperture. Clear skies A&NC. 

  3. erneland2 says:

    This will indeed be my next telescope! Thanks Jonathan!


  4. markmeessen says:

    thanx for the revieuw, now I am convinced that I should buy it. Greetings, Mark

  5. mrlcp38 says:

    i agree with you I just purchased the ETX-LS-8″ IS AMAZING THE way this telescope those every thing for you ,GO MEADE P/S FOR 2,000.00 DOLLARS IS A GREATEST INVESTMENT I HAVE EVER DONE..I AM HAVING A GREAT TIME.THANKS FOR YOUR VIDEO

  6. Megasromanos says:

    Woaw i want this !
    perfect for a blinde date and a glass of champagne

  7. HighpointLanky says:

    yahoooo ive got one but its toooo cold to enjoy it yet roll on warmer weather

  8. m0120m1 says:

    good price in us
    but bad price(very high) in outside of us
    especialy in japan

  9. bottle2lip says:

    wow nice. Kinda of pricey. But lots of new stuff. Good too see USB/ SD card ability. The ability to transfer video direct is really nice. Sure it wont give you stellar views of DSO’s, but for planets..thats pretty neat. Lots of tech for the moeny

  10. k9hays says:

    I’ve been looking at the new 8 inch version of this scope on Meade’s website and it looks very impressive. I used to own a Meade Newtonian and that was ancent technology compared to this. I am wondering though what your opinion is on this scope for doing some astrophotography? I am concerned about it tracking well enough to stay steady for long exposures. Thanks for the vid.

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