Orion SkyView Pro Goto (Motor Kit and Telescope Computer) and Google Sky Map

| November 9, 2012 | 4 Comments

Indoor star tracking using Google Sky Map and my telescope’s computer (Orion Sky View Pro Goto). The calibration isn’t 100% but that’s fine for demonstration purposes. Having fun on a cloudy day :)
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  1. Huronhumedo says:

    I use star chart :)

  2. kowspot2000 says:

    Sure the skyview pro mount isnt as good as the Atlas EQ-G mount but it will definitely work.

  3. kowspot2000 says:

    Actually Chuusuu is incorrect. The Skyview pro is an equatorial mount with a maximum capacity of 20lbs. The telescope it comes with is betweek 5-7lbs. A standard DSLR camera is 2-3lbs max, mine is only 1.5lbs. That still leaves 10-13lbs free for other equipment. Orion has an off-axis autoguider that is ~$120 and adds barely any additional weight as it is an optical splitter. You can get a guide scope if you prefer that route and those are barely 4lbs.

  4. chuusuu says:

    This tripod is specifically designed for the telescope… I’m not sure if there are any modules that will allow for a Digital Camera to be connected to it. I’m sure there are great sturdy tripod specific for Digital Cameras — you’ll just have to shop around.

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