New Celestron Super Polaris C8 Telescope!

| October 21, 2012 | 16 Comments

This will be a fun hobby once I get through the GoTo system learning curve. There is very little online informatio for the Vixen Sky Sensor 2000 PC… I will have it mastered soon… Here is a list of my equipment so far; Celestron Super Polaris C8 Telescope Vixen German Equatorial Mount Polar Alignment Scope w/Polar Axis Finder Orion Red Dot Finder Scope Astrozap 8″ Flexible Dew Shield Vixen Sky Sensor 2000 PC GoTo System 4 Drive Motors (2 Vixen) Celestron Sky Sensor Controller (The original) Celestron 1-1/4 Visual Back Celestron 1-1/4 Star Diagonal Mirror 90 Celestron 1-1/4 Star Diagonal Mirror 45 Celestron 1-1/4 26mm Plossl Celestron 1-1/4 25mm SMA Wide Angle Celestron 1-1/4 20mm Wide Field Astro Tech 1-1/4 18mm Paradigm Wide Field Celestron 1 1/4 to 1 2/5 Adapter Meade 1-1/4 12.4mm Celestron 1-2/5 20mm Celestron 1-2/5 4mm Celestron NexStar Solar Imaging CCD USB Camera Logitech C910 10MP Hi Def USB Camera w/Adapter Orion StarShoot Solar System Color Imaging USB Camera Parks x2 Barlow Meade x2 and x3 Barlow Meade SLR Camera Adapter Orion Camera Adapter Padded Cases User Manuals
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Discussion of how color filters can enhance your telescope experience. Learn more about buying accessories for your telescope in this free home astronomy equipment video from a telescope designer and manufacturer. Expert: Bill Burgess Bio: Bill Burgess is the owner and founder of Burgess Optical, which is world-renowned for its custom-built telescopes and planetary eyepieces. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. BeePeeOilDisaster says:

    I have been collecting 1 pice at a time for a couple of years off craigslist and yard sales…

  2. CapnDumpsterDiver says:

    Hey BP, looks great, how much did it setcha back? I got a smaller system an I wanna go bigger…is why I ask.

  3. Skynepsis says:

    Hey buddy, loving your stuff, listen I don’t have a expensive set up but I learn a lot from people I speak to, right now all I do is use night vision gear for short range stuff but what I do know is that the most important thing for night viewing is the CCD, Phillips SPC 900 webcams are great, and check this out /watch?v=9uT9QFJmmOA some of the security cams are better than the dedicated cams, this is modified but most of these types are low light capable. Have fun.

  4. BeePeeOilDisaster says:

    Its still rainy here…:(… It will clear up soon though, we are having a long rainy season, moreso than usual…-BPOD

  5. diggetybop says:

    great equipment. take your time mastering it. looking forward to your results!

  6. nobe ende says:

    very nice beepee

  7. JohnLenardWalson says:

    thanks i see now hope your going to have a great time thanks

  8. gottagoat says:

    Dude, please read the book, that thing is awesome, I bought a Bushnell at a pawn shop thats about the same size but nothing electronic on it . When I found out about something big was coming, I wanted to see it coming. But Im very unhappy with my purchase, maybe I just need a better lense and thats when I found out how much money they cost. But now I can see through you so please, read the book. I could never afford something like that so you have to share. From your new best friend. Ha Ha Ha

  9. BeePeeOilDisaster says:

    The Sky Sensor 2000 PC GoTo has great tracking once aligned correctly…

  10. MrStrman says:

    It’s all i can do to lock onto the moon. Good luck with a moving target.

  11. dogprod89 says:


  12. 213priceotr says:

    Nice telescope…

  13. LookAmongTheHeavens says:

    sweet deal

  14. vancitycanary says:

    Good video!

  15. blobrana says:

    My fave is the #80a ,,,,

  16. slippingontheslide says:

    “i can screw ’em on top of each other then stick in my eye piece”


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