Jupiter through my 10″ newtonian telescope and Qcam. 15.Aug.2009

| May 26, 2012 | 17 Comments

0:43:06 15.Aug.2009 Planet Jupiter. 10inch Newtonian telescope on my handmade Split-Ring-mount. Auto guide by GuideDog,Qcam QV-500N,900 frames,RegiStax v4 proscessed.

This 15s video shows what Saturn looks like through a telescope in good conditions. It’s black and white because it was taken with a monochrome camera using R,G,B filters. This video shows the raw data from the red channel. It was captured in January 2008 using my 12″ newtonian telescope on an EQ6, with a DMK41AF04 webcam. The video is being featured in the National Geographic channel series “A Travelers Guide to the Planets”, aka “Voyage to the Planets”. For more information: www.mikesalway.com.au


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  1. ROBERTbryson617 says:

    would i see something like this through a 12″ Celestion Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope?

  2. pickledlovesnovas says:

    beautiful aint it.
    im looking to buy a GSO 254/1250mm parabolic Newtonian in the uk. anyone know any good sites? thanks

  3. MARIOAnDrEs0 says:

    those are the moons 

  4. Zorack10 says:

    Yes to both questions

  5. 521pinpin says:

    can you please tell me what kind of telescope this is?

  6. Jamakaize says:

    Saturn je pro mě největší tajemství ze sluneční soustavy…jeho prstence jsou úchvatné a záhadné. Palec hodně vysoko…

  7. Infocollective22 says:

    Looks like it’s trembling with fear of being watched lol
    btw good vid

  8. MrAlienUSA says:

    What is your telescope, because the quality it’s really cool!

  9. mnightsky says:

    great video thank you for posting it , I hope to get such a telescope .

  10. Marth8880 says:

    I spotted Jupiter at about 4:19am this morning. I only have a pair of small binoculars, but the gas-giant sure was bright!

  11. CmdrGendoIkari says:

    Stacked really well with 400/532 frames

  12. norris3531 says:

    I was out last night with the same scope and skies were clearest I have seen in weeks over Michigan, its in Virgo SSE at a pretty cool angle with a wide view of the rings. Oppositions in 7 days I believe.

  13. mikesalway1975 says:

    Thanks! I’ve taken heaps of Jupiter images through it, but haven’t posted any raw videos in a while. I’ll try and dig some up.

  14. mikesalway1975 says:

    Thanks for your comment. Good luck spotting Saturn! It’s a good time to view it now.

  15. mikesalway1975 says:

    Thanks! yeh I get drift at long focal lengths too. I’m usually too lazy to polar align very accurately – usually close enough is good enough, then I just use the hand-controller to keep the planet centered.

  16. mikesalway1975 says:

    Hi, thanks for your comment.
    The scope is about 20kg I think. It is slightly over-rated for the mount, but as long as it’s balanced it’s ok.
    Also I only use it for short exposures. I haven’t tried any long exposure photography with it – it would be very difficult, but others have done so successfully.

  17. TelescopeAtNight says:

    How much does your scope weigh? I was looking at a NEQ6 for my 12″ Newt, but it is right on the limit of maximum load. Have you tried any long exposures?

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