How to use Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 Telescope

| September 18, 2012 | 45 Comments

Heritage 76 features Highly affordable and easy to use Dobsonian base, perfect for beginners Great all-around astronomical viewing performance Aluminized and overcoated mirrors Carefully engineered to combine ease of use, extreme portability and consistent performance in an affordable package Enough light gathering power to allow simple study of galaxies, star clusters, and nebulae. Diameter: 76mm, Focal Length: 300mm 2 interchangeable eyepieces Available in 3 colors. (Custom design available for quantity orders. Contact your local Sky-Watcher distributor for information.) for more info, please go to this link Copyright Suzhou Synta Optical Technology Co., LTD. All rights reserved.
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Its exactly what the title is. Maximum magnification is 525X.


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  1. Danniel Radclife says:

    what a neard

  2. iragogeta says:

    OMG I have it and these dudes are really misleading! It’s so lame showing details that you won’t see just to sell this crap.. no really.. not even worth for webcam photos (my experience).

  3. xenioxa says:

    I want to murder you.

  4. xenioxa says:


  5. virtualpilot45 says:

    The images of the planets here are all rather misleading. If you want images of the planets that good you’ll probably need an 8 inch telescope, not a 2 1/2 inch. With this one you may spot two cloud bands on Jupiter, the moon will be clear ‘stars’. Saturn’s rings may just be viewable. The moon, however, will be good!

  6. BigScaryFace says:

    Can I see Saturn with my H20mm or SR4mm ? Please tell

  7. detentocanada says:


  8. emre ardıç says:

    Hahaha lamer’s photos is fake

  9. alecsmart2010 says:

    wow, what details you can see on the planets with these scopes..

  10. neil73 says:

    Lol! The astronomical images shown in this video are REALLY misleading. I can’t make out Jupiter that good in my telescope and its twice the size of the 76mm!

    Still, the concept behind it is great, as there seems to be a growing trend in interest in astornomy this year.

  11. robotmonkey73 says:

    You can with something called an erecting prism but honestly it is a waste of money. All telescopes do that, and for telescopes meant for land use they use something like that to correct it. However, it decreases the amount of light viewable, and though that is fine for land viewing it is horrible for space viewing. It’s how lenses work. Putting that on an already small telescope will limit what you can view, and it does not matter at all in astronomy if the image is upside down.

  12. sonnetxi says:

    i just got one today, is there anyway to have the finderscope and telescope NOT show a upside down image?

  13. imanoob4 says:

    Looks like its from Celestron because of its orange tube

  14. bottle2lip says:

    theres no way mars will look that good in thie scope. Even when mars was at close and in good opposition , my 10in dob didn’t resolve that kind of detail

    its just marketing. They slap those kinda of pics on the boxes of cheap walmart scopes also.

    Still this is a nice little scope for the money

  15. ParaglidingManiac says:

    Are those pictures of the planets are zoomed, or is it what you actually see throught the Sky-Watcher Heritage 76 Telescope?

  16. pcgamerslave says:

    I picked one of these up (I have some larger telescopes too), have to says its a great little thing, I got mine for £50 and the 2 eye pieces you get with it for free cost £15 each, with the small mount it would be hard to track at higher mag.

    I recommend this for the young, people who want a try but cant spend much and people who lack space.

  17. thespectacle says:

    Sweet. I’d be happy to see that much of the planets shown in the video. I’m going for a more expensive model for my photography. Let’s just hope I get a similar view of the planets like you guys get on the 76 minidob.

  18. TheWwweee says:

    i like your vid

  19. wulffyau says:

    Nicely done, very cool little scope.
    When does Australia get them.

  20. Murtaskegg says:

    Thank you for this video ! Helped me alot ! :)

  21. shentakuo2 says:

    You can buy it at any telescope store. The price is different depends on the specs. Around USD60.

  22. Punkdollhouse22 says:

    no not a sniper riffle hair because that is used for findding thing what is your teliscope a gun oh ya i have a astro gazer teliscope its cool its from edu scince too

  23. cbernardo03 says:

    thanks a lot!!

  24. flightdeckreviews says:

    The viewing port is on the side; the on mounted on the top is just to line up the telescope. Alas, it has to be tweaked for a very long time checking where the telescope is pointing and where it’s pointing so I never bothered with it; so i just use it to make an approximate area of where the telescope is pointing….

  25. cbernardo03 says:

    where do you put your eye to see the stars or another things? in that little thing that is in the top of the telescope or in the top of the telescope?

  26. kanga9856 says:

    Hello? I have this telescope and I like it but I have a question how did you get the image that is at 1:36 through1:57? I can’t seem to get it like that.

  27. tf4ever11 says:

    sorry i forgot to tell you that when i use the lens solo (wihout the telescope) its does work but when i put it on the telescope its just a mirror

  28. flightdeckreviews says:

    I’ve said this to someone else but, have you taken the lenses cover off? I often forget it myself and I’ll do all kinds of stuff to it before I remember about it. :) It does kinda hide away considering that it’s so small on the lip of the telescope.

  29. tf4ever11 says:

    i used 20mm on that side but its just that when i look its just all black and i cant see anything

  30. flightdeckreviews says:

    I beleive the lens is the 20mm one I don’t remeber exactly which on eit is but I would have used the 20mm one if I had done it today :)

  31. flightdeckreviews says:

    . What exactly are you haveing trouble with? If you have a problem positioning it I can help you but I don’t really know what you mean you say its impossible to set up.

  32. tf4ever11 says:

    please help at 0:50 wich item is that?

  33. tf4ever11 says:

    CRAP got this for christmas and is IMPOSSIBLE to set up

  34. 2012Steelerfan says:

    My father bought me this as a gift and it is essentially worthless for space viewing.

  35. KUTCHERKID327 says:

    oh i think i left the circle part of the cap on and just took he tiny circle cap off ill check

  36. flightdeckreviews says:

    all i have to say is: is the cap on the telescope off? :) On m ne it kinda is hard to see when its in place and I forget that its on sometimes myself. hope this helps all of you :)

  37. Richard Reilly says:

    why am I only seeing black? uggggggggggggg

  38. KUTCHERKID327 says:

    oh ok. but i just got it yesterday. i set it all up but the front lens (on the front of the scope) just has 3 black metal things connected to screws. i thought there was supposed to be a lens there. is that right? and which lens should i put on the side thing? i put one in and i can only see through a very tiny dot. thanks

  39. flightdeckreviews says:

    It’s what’s called a reflecter telescope (because it has a mirror) and the image is right side up and the lens (like one on a normal telescope) turns in upsidedown. All it is is theat the big mirror is pointed at the object (in this case the house) and then a smaller mirror on the inside bounces the image to the lens and then it makes the image bigger or smaller

  40. KUTCHERKID327 says:

    why does it show it upside down?

  41. KUTCHERKID327 says:

    thats whats happened with mines. im surprised theres no lense on the front. theres just a whole with a screw. did u get yours working? can u please tell me how if u did.

  42. inputverifier says:

    I’ve heard that this is essentially the best in its price range (approx.)….

  43. inputverifier says:

    Nice, man! :-) I wish I could have gotten something of that quality as a “younger” guy!!!!! Just do me the favor of using it and appreciating it, as it seems you are already doing!

  44. 2010Mrstealth says:

    is called take the dust cap off

  45. nmidura says:

    My son just got this telescope. We are not seeing anything but black from the lense piece. Finder scope is fine. I know it must be something small and stupid that we are doing wrong, Any clue for us?

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