How to modify a webcam to use with a telescope

| July 31, 2012 | 13 Comments

How to modify a webcam so that you can attach it to a telescope. http


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  1. RastaSMalte says:

    i do everything like you say and when i cant see anything …it is all dark 😛 probably my web cam sucks need to try with new

  2. Dennis Pollock says:

    logitech webcam c200.
    took off focusing ring
    took out lens
    reassembled with 35mm film case and tape
    focused on street numbers across the street
    perfect image with 25mm eyepiece
    replaced with modified webcam — nothing
    adjusting focuser knob on celestron 102slt, still nothing
    adjusted various pc software settings available still nothing
    C200 does not have auto-focus

  3. SuperAKS1997 says:


  4. pulstar2000 says:

    and it does not take the eyepiece in then, dont we use an eyepiece when using the webcam, how do we magnify 70x, or 90x or 180, etc if we just use the webcam where the eyepiece would go?

  5. jorowi says:

    Yes, you can take video.

  6. jorowi says:

    It should work with a newer webcam as long as it doesn’t auto-focus. The camera must have a focuser ring.

  7. ST36L7H1 says:

    Can I use a newer hd webcam for this? Also other than taking stills, you can take video too right?

  8. jorowi says:

    I don’t know, you have to ask the manufacturer of the adapter.

  9. jorowi says:

    It should work for any telescope.

  10. tfrost1980 says:

    This mod will only work on a refractor right? Any idea how to adapt a cam to work on a reflector?

  11. darren maj says:

    hey,im about to buy a webcam for my new telescope,does the Medium Reach Webcam Adaptor 1.25inch fit most webcams if not all that don’t have autofocus?

  12. jorowi says:

    yes, remove the focusing ring. Your telescope will act as your lens and focuser.

  13. João Vicente Scarpin says:

    Hi there! Thank’s for this tutorial. One quick question: did you remove all lens from your webcam? If I do that on mine, all I’ll have is the CCD. Is that right? The last lens from mine is a kind of screw-to-focus. Thank’s again!

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