How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Refracting Telescopes

| January 17, 2012 | 16 Comments

A refracting telescope is the most common kind of telescope. Discover the difference between refracting and reflecting telescopes in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson. Expert: Jesse Sturgeon Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow
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  1. makeiteasyable says:

    wow i want to have one

  2. TheCHUCKY1992 says:

    my comment never gets voted up or gets a thumps up :(

  3. amitq99 says:

    can u exchange that telescope to my magnifying glass pls reply me soon i am wating for your answer

  4. amitq99 says:

    i am looking for a telescope for 1doller…hahahhhhahhahha

  5. Molhedim says:

    hi , what telescope can you recomand for the price of 250 euros? i want one to see the planets.

  6. ronlovesit says:

    do u have google solar system? like google earth? NO so go get one good telescope.

  7. 7968332 says:

    i wanted a telescope, then i downloaded google earth for free

  8. TheCHUCKY1992 says:

    awesome I have a great telescope it has a big scope about 8 inchs my favorite object to look at is saturn still have not seen or found jupiter.I thing it comes out in the late summer not to sure

  9. WprEmiere1985 says:

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  10. WprEmiere1985 says:

    Fucking trolls.

  11. WprEmiere1985 says:

    Wow, big mistake. Speaking of errors; you’re missing a couple commas, smart guy. @HOTBOXTHELUNCHBOX

  12. PaulJR72 says:

    @YonOtto LOL that is ridiculously funny!! Give it to some kid down the road who might appreciate it!!

  13. YonOtto says:

    ROFL, the troll still workin 😀


    @YonOtto Have you shoved that Telescope way up high yo ass yet and try and find your peanut ass unsatisfied ungratefull bitch brain ?? Huh ?? Ungrateful fucker . If you dont like the cheap telescope that your mom got you then work and buy your own shit. I bet the lady works hard for her money for a shitted ass fucker like you that dont know how to wipe their ass to be so ungrateful. And I bet you live in a cardboard box by the freeway .


    @WprEmiere1985 its LIVE you IDIOT not LEAVE. You need to LEAVE your moms house ASAP and go LIVE in your own place and LET your mom LIVE in peace.

  16. seifs4 says:

    @whitbyjet65 most people would use binoculars then.

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