How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Buying Guide: Reflecting Telescopes

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A reflecting telescope should only be used for night sky viewing. Discover the difference between reflecting and refracting telescopes in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson. Expert: Jesse Sturgeon Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow
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Full night and full horizon (360º) night time lapse movie of ESO-Paranal observatory (Chile) during observations. Laser guide star used for adaptive optics is visible. Note that the Laser Guide Star beam is “straight” in normal life, it seems bended here because of the distortion due to the projection used to make this movie from a high quality fish eye movie. Los Cielos de America astrophoto website (picture and movies) : Stephane Guisard
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. TheShanthanC says:

    I like how he said “a guy named Issac Newton”, I would think people who are watching this video know who he is!

  2. thesovietmontage says:

    Wow, an expert village video that isnt shit. Well done!

  3. anandaflp says:

    A guy called Issac Newton “funny sentance”
    I think this guy really dont know who Newton is

  4. DjTechi2008 says:

    What is the make and model of that white reflector scope? Thanks

  5. Tidermans says:

    @chicole143 Supernova is ebonics. Da supernovaz. Two supernovers is the wealthy white man’s way of saying it.

  6. otaner142 says:

    HY hello!!! i got a question…………………I have a celestron powerseeker127eq and i would like to see the planets with more contrast and magnifisation..what do i need????….do i need to buy one of those special web cams to see jupiter or saturn like if it were infront of you or…………….??????HELP PLEASE

  7. nullality says:

    your hands are distracting.

  8. doobing says:

    would a 8 inch light bridge be a good buy at 300

  9. Edsan91 says:

    @hiian123 For a starter scope Its Good Enough! I recommend An 8 or 10 inch dobsonian though.

  10. Edsan91 says:

    @97Arran Yes you can.

  11. Edsan91 says:

    @DivaMCFan I recommend A 10 or 8 dobsonian telescope. if you want a refractor I recommend An 80mm Refractor And up.

  12. Edsan91 says:

    @andersonlavor I would recommend the 114 because of the bigger aperture 4.5 inches over 3 I beileve You will get better deep sky views. The reason why they will both Cost the same is because the 114 Is A reflector Telescope Where as the other one is a Refractor and uses more lenses etc. Go with What Jiinx2 told you! That is perfect Advice. Go With The most Aperture You can afford.

  13. Edsan91 says:

    @DivaMCFan NOPE! Avoid at all costs! That already I can Tell is a discount store telescope Its for kids and its Dirt Cheap. And Not Usable for real astronomy.

  14. DivaMCFan says:

    Rokinon 50 x 625 Refractor Telescope
    Rating 4.8 5 reviews

    Ideal for beginner or intermediate level amateur astronomer
    625mm focal length
    50x to 468x magnification
    Includes SR4, H12.5 eyepieces
    3x Barlow lens


  15. Jiinx2 says:

    @andersonlavor Tbh if you are intrested in DSOs then I would recommend going for as much size as you can afford and handle. The bigger the telescope the better light grasp, so better views on DSO. If you can afford one look at a Dobsonian. Its about the best bang for your buck and the set up is very easy to use. Over here in the UK a SKYLINER-250P(10 inchs) will cost me £399.99. It has 5 and a half more inchs of appature compared to the ds114. If you want a more detailed chat mail me.

  16. Jiinx2 says:

    @97Arran Yes

  17. andersonlavor says:

    hello, Im in doubt between the etx70 and the ds114, im interested in deepsky view, which one would u recommend or anybody else here, and why, both will cost me about the same price. $200

  18. RATLEY2010 says:

    where is your shop? do you sell?

  19. lightsuit says:

    nao you can see messier objects,(distant) globular clusters and supernovers.

  20. 97Arran says:

    can i use one of these telescopes to view the moon ?

  21. 5600981 says:

    @ata2107 grammernazi

  22. ata2107 says:

    A) Let’s eat Grandma.
    B) Let’s eat, Grandma.

    Punctuation. It saves lives.

  23. Enlightened18 says:

    Why is the laser going down?

  24. msmyview says:

    is this even real reply yes or no cuz i need to now ! :) reply seems un real

  25. Szioff says:

    from Chile!

  26. hadinor23 says:

    @marcojose510 , it’s fish eye lens. the laser never bent.

  27. TSPURSBOSS says:

    That was incredible to watch.

  28. marcojose510 says:

    how is it that the laser is bending like that?

  29. 21stCenturyBoxProduc says:


    Hearsay information, ha, your a funny man. Look, let me make something clear, I am one that actually believes in the possibility of Non-Human Created UFOs, but I only look at evidence with logic and clarity, not blind assumptions. I for one have talked to many Astronomers, many who actually believe that there is the possibility of UFOs, and I have been to Observatories such as these, and let me just say, Its a Meteor, not a UFO. It is a conclusion created by first hand knowledge.

  30. rudge0110 says:

    @21stCenturyBoxProduc Why?
    Why jump to conclusions without first hand knowledge?..If you are happy living your life by hearsay information who am I to argue with a belief?

  31. 21stCenturyBoxProduc says:

    @rudge0110 Dont tell me you think its a UFO? 

  32. rudge0110 says:

    @21stCenturyBoxProduc Is it…Well who am I to argue with what you believe.

  33. 21stCenturyBoxProduc says:


    Its called a meteor! -_-

  34. vindiana1 says:

    Pew, Pew, Pew!

  35. sgrdust says:

    @rudge0110 I think a meteorite or 2

  36. sgrdust says:

    @rudge0110 I thinkbv It was 1 or 2 meteorite!

  37. spacemovie says:

    That is great!
    Did you use a medium format fisheye lens for this fantastic time lapse video?
    Many Thanks and clear skies…

  38. rudge0110 says:

    What what that fast moving object at the end? Don’t say a plane.

  39. maksphoto78 says:

    I love the zodiacal light in this video. It’s that diagonal stretch of light after the sun sets.

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