How to Buy a Telescope : Telescope Accessories: Planisphere

| July 2, 2012 | 5 Comments

Purchase a planisphere or star chart with a telescope to be able to locate planets and stars in the night sky.Find the stars in the sky with telescope tips in this free video on home astronomy from a telescope salesperson. Expert: Jesse Sturgeon Bio: Jesse Sturgeon has served as a sales and customer service representative for Anacortes Telescope in Anacortes, Wash. for several years. He enjoys introducing people to the science & art of astronomy. Filmmaker: Curtis Enlow
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  1. GeorgeChar95 says:

    NIGHTWATCH! THE BEST BOOK EVER! Terence Dickson has the best books!

    Nightwatch + Universe and Beyond= Everything you need to know

  2. DakotaWoll says:

    Wait, they don’t call it space for a reason? xD

  3. imanoob4 says:

    just download ‘Stellarium’ and just put your location and it will show all the stars and plantets you’ll be able to see

  4. dcarrera01 says:

    Planispheres depend on your latitude, but only that. So, if you live in northern US or southern Canada (ie. around 50 degrees North), you can use a planisphere for central Europe, but you couldn’t use a planisphere for Australia.

    At different latitudes there are different stars visible and they are located in different places. If you live in Ontario you cannot see the southern cross or the magelanic clouds, but Australians cannot see Polaris or the small dipper.

  5. Twinhit says:

    Are planespheres regional or can they be used anywhere on earth?
    At the moment I am assuming they make different planesphere for different regions.
    Thanks for posting the clip and please don’t remove.

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