Guide to Using a Small Telescope

| January 17, 2012 | 15 Comments I give you some tips on how to use a small telescope effectively. You can get a lot out of a small telescope if you just know what to do.
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  1. MegaRocketLaunch says:

    @epicfantasy only out to help!

  2. epicfantasy says:

    @MegaRocketLaunch great comment.thanks!

  3. epicfantasy says:

    @alrhazer Yes absolutely. But please never point it at the sun. It would cause instant eye damage.

  4. alrhazer says:

    Can I use a reflector telescope during day time? pls reply

  5. executeorders says:

    thank you ive been having a lot of trouble with the thing.

  6. MegaRocketLaunch says:

    you only need to take it outside an hour earlyier if the telescope is large.

  7. epicfantasy says:

    @200smike I can’t ask for more! You have fun!!

  8. 200smike says:

    Thank you for your help. I just bought a bushnell sky chief 1 telescope at Goodwill for my son and you made this adventure much easier for this 46 old kid : )

  9. rikycole1 says:

    -.- couldn’t you speak slowly for those people who aren’t english and are trying to understand something?!

  10. epicfantasy says:

    @MANNY222 I love astronomy. Go with a telescope made by either Celestron or Meade.

  11. MANNY222 says:

    i have a real crappy scope from target now im interested in astronomy but now i need to go bigger 200 is what i want to spend i love looking at the moon and star clusters what are a couple of good brands and good models i should look into?

  12. m4n52k10 says:

    i have a powerseeker 70 az but when i zoon in on jupiter the colour changes what is the best eye piece to buy so i can see the belts of jupiter thanks

  13. epicfantasy says:

    @svupster You are very welcome. That’s a nice telescope. You be sure to spend some time with it and have fun!

  14. svupster says:

    Super guide thank you very much. I just bought me one of those celestron powerseeker 70mm AZ refractor… i am totally green on this astronamy stuff..
    and i wasnt quite sure if were doing it right with the finderscope thingy,but i got it sorted thanks to this guide. I will now get a good start an not shove the scope in my closet, as i almost thought of doing

  15. doobiejazz says:

    brilliant intro to astronomy Will ! Good on you for showing what can actually be found with a small scope – a lot of people don’t realise they can also enjoy a lot of objects with simple 10 x 50 binoculars.

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