Great Beginners Guide to Astronomy

| June 6, 2012 | 22 Comments

Learn the basics! Telescope review: binoculars review:
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  1. theinvertedhourglass says:

    The celestron site says that the 15×70’s have an adapter included, if you look at them on amazon then it says “usually bought together with” and lists an L shaped bracket, If you buy a pair and then see what the included adapter is like with them then you will be able to be decide wether you need a new adapter and know what type it is!

  2. killerzone51 says:

    Does any Tripod Adaptor fit the 15 by 80 Skymaster binoculars or does it have to be a certain adaptor I need information, detail what if I get the wrong adaptor and doesn’t fit please help in anyway possible ask your friend if they have a 15 by 80 Skymaster binoculars I am asking you because your an expert

  3. killerzone51 says:

    Can you review the Celestron 15 by 70 binoculars ?

  4. theinvertedhourglass says:

    Great, make sure you let me know how you get on!

  5. theinvertedhourglass says:

    I haven’t seen them personally, but I believe that they come with a separate tripod adapter that people seem to think is a little weak and suggest getting a metal one, they will be easier to use freehand than the 20×80’s but I think a tripod is still definitely advisable! Hope that helps!

  6. killerzone51 says:

    Getting a Celestron Skymaster 15 by 70 Binoulars !!!!!!!!

  7. killerzone51 says:

    Would you need still an adaptor for a Celestron Skymaster binoculars 15 by 70 or is it built in

  8. theinvertedhourglass says:

    The adapter is actually built into the binoculars and yes I really recommend using a tripod as these binoculars are massive!

  9. killerzone51 says:

    Do you really need an adaptor for your tripod with your 20 by 80 Celestron Skymaster ???

  10. theinvertedhourglass says:

    Hello, I used a 4th generation iPod touch to film this, the tripod I use for the binoculars (Celestron SkyMaster 20×80) is just a standard cheap photography tripod, I think it has a suggested weight limit of 5kg. I bought it from argos in the UK a few years ago for around £20, but unfortunately when I bought a seemingly similar one from there last year but it was nowhere near sturdy enough to hold them. Just a quick tip, try and get a tall tripod or use a chair to stop craning your neck!

  11. spaceisgood1 says:

    @dylan johson yes my mouse slipped and i must of clicked somewhere as i was typing.

  12. dylan johson says:

    @spaceisgood1 was that you’re question aswell? :l

  13. dylan johson says:

    how much are them tripod for20x80 binoculars,and what type are they?

  14. spaceisgood1 says:

    h, what ipod isthat for the celestn 20×80 binoculars?

  15. theinvertedhourglass says:

    Thanks, glad you found it useful.

  16. soygoratsu says:

    This was a great little video! Sure helped me!

  17. H4XXOR666 says:

    20×80 binoculairs?! Thats huge man.

  18. theinvertedhourglass says:

    That sounds like a great idea, let me know how it goes, fingers crossed for some clear skies!

  19. cwchickenwing says:

    Thanks for the answer. It means a lot. Im going to get the 10×50 Orions and once I have learned constellations and other space wonders, I will get a good telescope. Thanks for the advice.

  20. theinvertedhourglass says:

    continued… but the planets will still be very small dots, with my Sky Master 25×80’s I can see that jupiter as a circle and make out the 4 big moons or see Saturn as a very small dot with a slight line through it. With smaller magnifications you probably won’t see that but you will get good over all views of the night sky and will be able to keep them far steadier freehand! So it is all about balancing what you want really! Sorry I can’t give a definite answer! Hope that helps!

  21. theinvertedhourglass says:

    Without testing all the types and brands it is always difficult to advise, I would say that anything that have an objective lens of x50 or higher will be great and show you plenty more stars than you would see with the naked eye as well as better glimpses of things like the orion nebula and the seven sisters, as for magnification, Anything that is 15x or above really needs a tripod to keep them steady but will give you a closer view of things like saturn and jupiter.. continued…

  22. cwchickenwing says:

    Being that you have some experience in astronomy, Im about to buy my first pair of binoculars. Any suggestions? I have a low budget of about 100$. I heard that 7×50 are ideal, but I’ve seen others say that 10×50 are good to. Im not sure which brand to buy either. Many say Orion, but which pair of binoculars. They have the 10×50 which are around 80 dollars and then the sky masters which are 15×70. What pair should I buy, any binoculars you suggest?

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