Getting started with your new astronomy telescope

| April 11, 2012 | 13 Comments

Presented by Robert J Dalby. Produced by ARB Media Productions for The Astronomy and Nature Centre
Video Rating: 4 / 5

A guide to the Skywatcher Skyliner. The Skyliner range of Dobsonian reflectors offer portability, quick setup, and ease of use. Available at: Presented by Robert J Dalby Produced by The Astronomy and Nature Centre in association with ARB Media Productions.
Video Rating: 4 / 5


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  1. RocketDragons says:

    What IS the point of the smaller central cap, exactly?

  2. TheCHUCKY1992 says:

    Love you guys

  3. Vendigo7 says:

    I’m jealous ;)

  4. sssukaPSN says:

    I’m currently building my own scope. The primary mirror size will be 23 inches

  5. beastofackworth says:

    the first is the 6″ 150p


    One I’m going for next week have you looked at any tracking mounts.
    Have you tried any photography?

  7. RiiC94 says:

    Turn the bolt at the bottom looser. Then you can rotate the teleskope easier.

  8. freetreeonme says:

    Make sure you didnt over tighten the center nut and bolt.Did you put in the teflon slider?

  9. GeorgeChar95 says:

    mine is very tight!!! i have the 8 inch and it can’t rotate very easily! please tell me what to do! Thanks:)

  10. psychojock says:

    I have the 10″ skywatcher fantastic scope very easy to use and set up well worth the £400 i paid for it

  11. Paolo14984 says:

    in the video what is the dimensions of the tube??

    the second i think is a 12″ but the first??


    p.s. i try to make an idea of the real dimensions of telescopes dobson because i have a small house :). And sorry for my bad english, i’m Italian :)

  12. TheCHUCKY1992 says:

    hey I have the same one only thing it the sky watcher 8 inch dobsonian telescope

  13. The1FlyingHigh says:

    I have 200/1200 dob. Next one is gonna be the 400mm monster :)

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