Galileo CT-1380 Telescope

| July 28, 2012 | 13 Comments

The Galileo CT-1380 Telescope is a catadioptric reflector telescope with a 1260mm x 120mm optical tube assembly. Includes bonus 2″ 32mm eyepiece. Shop for thousands of items you won’t find in your local Costco.
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A discussion of what make the best first telescope. Learn buying tips for telescopes in this free home astronomy equipment video from a telescope designer and manufacturer. Expert: Bill Burgess Bio: Bill Burgess is the owner and founder of Burgess Optical, which is world-renowned for its custom-built telescopes and planetary eyepieces. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge


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  1. PaceShave says:

    What a magnificent scientific tool! We appreciate the attention to technological detail that a Telescope is built with. We share the same enthusiasm in superior engineering for affordable prices. Thanks for sharing!


  2. mschnittker says:

    Do a Google search before you buy this telescope, buying a used more conventional telescope off of Craigslist will get you much more for your money. It won’t look as “fancy” but fancy doesn’t produce great images, only quality optics can do that.

  3. andrewpark1500 says:

    it only costs $200 on

  4. alice31423 says:

    $700 except mine is grey

  5. alice31423 says:

    700? except mine is grey

  6. marquis2emani says:

    how much is this ?

  7. numantunak says:

    So, how much zoom is this? 75X I think.

  8. BoooDave says:

    The idea of using that, mounted on the side of another scope as a finder, gives me a semi.

  9. djmisplacedmarblesTV says:

    thanks…got one now.
    130eq astromastr..tis ok for me for now. thanks again.

  10. imanoob4 says:

    go to

  11. djmisplacedmarblesTV says:

    ..just had a look see at the VIxen, seems to be unavailable outside USA according to a quick google though it does look fine…but slightly concerned at the relatively low cost for a telescope, hehe sounds like I want to pay a lot out, …I don’t really but I would like something we can grow into
    budget would be about $350 in dollars about £200UK for now, for a base to get us going .then maybe we could add too over the coming years

  12. djmisplacedmarblesTV says:

    top man yourself, again, I appreciate your help.
    I’ll be picking one up soon with some research at the site you mentioned. Off to have look see at the VIXEN A 70Lf you mentioned,cheers

  13. monkeyboy4746 says:

    Stay away from eBay scopes. a small refractor like a VIXEN A 70Lf would be a good scope, to name just one. A good site to look at is the CloudyNights telescope review site, they cover the pros and cons of each design.

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