First Telescope Purchase Guide (Part 2)

| February 27, 2012 | 5 Comments

Recommended: Dobsonian telescopes, Celestron 130SLT, and various Schmidt-Casssegrain telescopes. In this helpful guide to amateur astronomy, the friendly crew of Orion Telescopes & Binoculars introduces you to the night sky and how to best observe it. Visit http to find high quality products for amateur astronomers.
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  1. AllStarTelescope says:

    The instructional video is directed at those purchasing for the first time and intending to use it for visual observing. Astrophotography is a large related field but not addressed. We recommend reading chapter 13 in the Backyard Astronomer’s Guide for a good overview of the field of astrophotography. Hopefully some videos will be added later on this subject.

  2. moomoomooism says:

    @moomoomooism thank you for any help you can provide


  3. moomoomooism says:

    I have watched both your informative videos but still none the wiser !, i wish to photograph the night sky (nebular’s, milky-way etc) the camera i would be using would be a canon 7d, i know the 8 inch scope is far greater in “light capture ability” than a 6 inch scope (i do not believe i could afford anything bigger)…. so my questions are as follows
    1 do i need a computerized scope to obtain better photography (longer exposures)
    2 how is the magnification calculated and the f stop worked out

  4. a6km says:

    @aba2185 8 inch dobsonian about 300 euros with stand and two eyepieces.

  5. imanoob4 says:

    I’m going to buy the skyquest XT8 soon. I’m so excited

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