Finding a Good Beginner Telescope

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Considering buying a telescope? As a beginner to astronomy, you may wonder what you need, to get started in backyard astronomy. There is nothing like looking up at the Moon and other planets to see an amazing vision of the heavens, in all its glory. In this article, you will discover some important information to make purchasing your first telescope fun and good! Let us get started, and find the best!

Every hobby has a cost of investment, and funnily enough, astronomy is no different. Astronomy, like any other hobby, requires that you invest time and money into it.

The first step to success, is to know how much you can invest into astronomy. The telescope is one part of the puzzle, and as time goes by, you may want to invest into magazines, more lenses, and even possibly bigger telescopes!

For your first telescope, you will find that there are 2 major versions that you can go with. The first is the refractor versions, and the second is the reflector versions. They operate slightly differently, and have different benefits.

Galileo worked on a telescope, which we know today as the refractor. It works by basically getting light and focusing it, at the back. This is similar to binoculars.

Then we have what Isaac Newton worked on. The guy that had an Apple drop on his head, then realized there was gravity, invested the reflector, which used mirrors to focus light to lenses on the side of the telescope!

The refractors are easier to use, and if the telescope is for a child, then you will best find a refractor.

However, refractors can work out expensive, and there needs to be some better solutions. The reflector then becomes more economical, as the size goes bigger.

With refractors, you will find that the main mirror is measured in sizes of inches. And for beginners, investing $150 or more to get a 4.5″ or bigger is a great idea for a starter version. Though more than a 8″, I would only recommend for people who have used a telescope for a few years.

There is another type of telescope, and that is the computerized versions. These are great, and allow you to simply input the code for the object, and it will zoom there, ready for you to view!

Now that is amazing! However, they are more expensive. So, pay attention on the budget. However, if you can afford, then it is a good idea to invest into one of these. Unless you are willing to buy books and learn how to navigate the heavens. By


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