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| November 12, 2012 | 8 Comments

www.telescope.com A look at the features of our SpaceProbe 130 EQ Reflector Telescope. It is a 5 inch relfector telescope on a german equatorial mount. Visit http tofind high quality products for amateur astronomers. To learn more about Astronomy, please visit Orion Resource Center where you can find Articles, Images, How-to Videos and More. www.telescope.com
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Tracking and slewing demonstration of Skywatcher (Synta) EQ6 SynTrek astronomy telescope mount, with ED80 refractor onboard. For more astronomy info, get a free download of latest magazine issue at PracticalAstronomy.com
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  1. Designandrew says:

    All of these mounts seem to make a gear grinding noise when they start and stop slewing.. this is concerning!

  2. sexyguitarboy69 says:

    Very low slewing noise, compared to Meade LXD75 or LX90 e.g. Although this mount can hold much heavier OTAs, it’s surely a good thing to use it also in connection with light-weight scopes having a smaller aperture if you want to have a rock-steady viewing image. The market does not offer any satisfying off-the-shelf devices. So I will opt for buying the OTA of my dreams and combine it with this fine mount. The result will be cheaper and better compared to a complete scope package. Clear skies!

  3. RangerParus says:

    I tried it with a SW 12″ Newtonian and it was perfect for visual, performed no less than a smaller telescope but on long exposure was a little fuzzy. Planetary photography was excellent since you don’t need guiding but DSO’s showed the weight problem.

    Basically, 12″ is max for visual and planetary AP but 10″ max for Deeps Space Astrophotography since there’s enough weight left for a guide system.

    Anyway, top video, not much on YouTube about this mount, surprisingly.

  4. jamieball says:

    I think 33lbs

  5. practicalastronomy says:

    Thanks for the comment. Yes, the mount is a very solid piece of kit and cost about 3 times the scope. The EQ6 mount is rated for a maximum payload of 25Kg, so I would think it would be fine for 12/14 inch newt, but I haven’t tried it myself.

  6. IcechickenSr says:

    Hey mate, The Mount in the thumbnail of your vid Is what caught my attention. What a beautiful Mount! It looks of very high quality and I’m guessing easily is worth more than 2 or 10 times what the scope is worth unless I’m confusing the ED scopes like you’rs with the BD’s. I know one serries is much cheaper in price than the other so forgive me If I’ve got it wrong. Anyways What is the largest size NEWT tube you figure this mount could be capable of handeling for Astrophotography? Cheers, IC

  7. scottohscott says:

    How much weight will it support?

  8. Thejirka64 says:

    Good luck Kevin!!

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