Celestron Astromaster 114EQ Telescope Assembly

| September 21, 2012 | 11 Comments

Basic instructions for the assembly of the Celestron Astromaster 114EQ Telescope. I hope that I’ve made these instructions simple and clear enough so that anyone without any experience with a telescope can put their telescope together without any problems. REMEMBER/WARNING: Always read and follow the instructions provided with your telescope. This is only to help you assemble it. When placing the Optical Telescope Assembly (OTA) on to the GEM/tripod, ALWAYS keep a hand on it until it is secure in the mount.

A tribute to the 700th edtion of The Sky At Night here is Patrick Moore telling viewers about buying their first telescope. From November 1987 based of the discovery of Bradfield’s 13th comet mentioned by Patrick . So it’s about the 420th. Cheers, daveac (dac100) NOTE: I will remove this video if asked to by the BBC – uploaded only as a tribute to this programme and the great man himself.


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  1. Jessica Taylor says:

    you should make a video on balancing this scope because i for the life of me can not get it to balance. btw you videos have helped me so much in collimating etc. Thanks!

  2. Calan Roupe says:

    Sorry, forgot to mention that there are 9 vids in the Collimating series. So, watch them all. And I see YT is placing my responses in reverse order.

  3. Calan Roupe says:

    This guy’s guide to Collimating is pretty detailed – and goes in to a lot more than collimating. He does seem to get off track at times and has a somewhat heavy accent. But, I learned a lot from him. I will say that with the AS 114 (1000mm focal length version) we have one additional step. But this guy’s vids will get you started.

    You’d think YouTube would let ya link to YouTube. youtu ‘dot’ be/zd-fl9SEYHw

    Try this replace dot with .

  4. Calan Roupe says:

    Then using the thumb screws, align the finder scope with the image – father away and smaller is better. Can you get the image in to a good focus? If not, the telescope needs Collimating. And unless you have a handy shop where you bought the telescope, you’ll need to get a Collimator. Collimating is the alignment of the eyepiece, to the secondary AND the primary mirrors.

  5. Calan Roupe says:

    Thanks for the question. I haven’t gotten the videos done yet – hoping for some decent outdoor weather to shoot in. There are a number of things you need to do – and yeah maybe a purchase or two. Be sure that you are taking the entire front cover off – not just the little center piece. Take it out in daylight and use the 20mm lens. Find something smallish to look at as far away as you can. NEVER THE SUN!!!

  6. stephenboing says:

    Three cheers for Patrick Moore! He’s been around since, well………the dawn of time!
    Bloody good show.

  7. torquesport says:

    Shame you only have half of that to offer him then.

  8. blobrana says:

    Good upload

  9. johncbradley1 says:

    Shame about the audio.

  10. monkeybike says:

    Patrick likes a 3″ or bigger. :3

  11. Dave Cooper says:

    Well ‘The Sky at Night’ i still going and so is Patrick

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