Celestron 21061 AstroMaster 70 AZ Refractor Telescope Best buy Video

| August 19, 2012 | 12 Comments

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  1. Fantosonium says:

    by focusing, try to get it as clear as you can and don’t touch the telescope while viewing. I also use a 2x barlow eyepiece, they can be expensive but they are worth it to get closer views of planets. Also, make sure you are viewing the right planets. If you’re accidentally focusing on stars, you won’t see much. Look up star charts on earthsky(dot)com to make sure you’re looking in the right area.

  2. classick12 says:

    No i dnt live in the city, my place doesnt have much polution. I dnt think so , starts i only see a light ball nothing much, how do u see the planets clearly??

  3. Fantosonium says:

    that is not true. but do you live in the city? because in large cities the light pollution is terrible, and it makes it difficult if not impossible to gather light through a telescope. If you do live in a city this is probably your problem, not the telescope, and I’d recommend you go out to a field or somewhere far outside of the city to get a good look at the stars and planets without light pollution. I’ve had some great shots of Jupiter, Venus, and Saturn with this telescope.

  4. classick12 says:

    only good think u can see its the moon

  5. Fantosonium says:

    No it does not lol. It’s a great beginner scope my kids use it all the time, it gives some great images. If you can’t see anything then you are either not focusing properly or are not centered properly. I would recommend buying a few better eyepieces to go with any scope, as well as buying an equatorial mount. This is a good telescope for its price though, it doesn’t suck.

  6. classick12 says:

    lol? this celestron suks

  7. Fantosonium says:

    then you’re doing something wrong lol

  8. 65chev1 says:

    I just saw Uranus!

  9. classick12 says:

    sucks!!!! all i can see cool is the moon, all other’s i cant see shit, just a small light ball!!!!

  10. ladiesmanbiker says:

    does it show the moon well?

  11. Rodney Fultz says:

    I just bought one of these saw Saturn last night for the first time.Its a good scope for the money.

  12. Mr2PacsFather says:

    Ba , mai bine taci dracu ca ne faci de ras

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