Bresser Skylux AZ-70 70mm refractor (A buyer’s guide)

| April 22, 2012 | 6 Comments

A guide to the Bresser Skylux AZ-70 70mm refractor for astronomy and terrestrial viewing. Available at: Presented by Robert J Dalby Produced by The Astronomy and Nature Centre in association with ARB Media Productions.


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  1. sprattysy says:

    interesting video and very informative

  2. ttwilkable says:

    brilliant video

  3. chrispikeyp says:

    you have some great stuff here

  4. thegeffc says:

    brilliant video

  5. notubeplease says:

    best small refractor telescope i’ve seen and looked through! 😉 both optical and mechanical parts are made at very good quality level, for the price. if i had more storage room i’d buy one just to add it to the collection 😀

  6. Harris15100 says:

    i don’t know but i am the secondto comment

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