[BBC] Historic Jodrell Bank telescope fears closure

| October 6, 2012 | 9 Comments

2008.03.09 Scientists at one of the world’s most advanced observatories are facing an uncertain future, with a closure threat hanging over its flagship project. Jodrell Bank in Cheshire, home of the landmark Lovell Telescope, is part of a network of seven giant astronomy dishes in the eMerlin project. The Science and Technology Facilities Council is struggling to finance it. A Jodrell Bank spokesman said it opposed any cut backs and would push for eMerlin to keep its funding. The project is at risk because the STFC has an £80m shortfall in its budget; and an assessment panel has listed the project as a “lower priority” for UK physics and astronomy. The issue is still in the consultation stages, but closure of the project could leave the University of Manchester-owned Jodrell Bank little more than a study centre. Its scientists have been working on the eMerlin project since 2002, at a cost of more than £2m a year. It is the national facility for radio astronomy and aims to improve links between the dishes to make the radio telescopes 30 times more powerful. The loss of funding in 2009 – the year eMerlin was due to launch – would mean the work could go to waste. Jodrell Bank will put forward representation for the consultation on the STFC plans. Phil Diamond, director of the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics, said: “No decisions have been made. It’s not just us that’s under threat, but we are the most visible. “We were put on the low priority list, and I find that

My first telescope, the scope itself isn’t great but i will be keeping the tripod.
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  1. indiasfriend says:

    Omg, I go to school there. It’s called Terra Nova School.

  2. blobrana says:


  3. MrMindfuck23 says:

    “knobs are really good, I like them.”

  4. 1949kf says:

    This is a “Bird Jones” reflectiing telescope with a spherical mirror and a correcting & amplifying lens built into the focuser. The main problem with this scope is that it is extremely hard to collimate. As a result it is optically a real dog unless by accident it was aligned properly at the factory. From reviews I have seen these perform extremely poorly, The best way to salvage this scope is go on Ebay and look for a 4.5 inch NEWTONIAN optical tube only and mount it on your existing mount.

  5. jkt8012 says:

    Most of the complaints about this scope are from people who are too dumb to learn how to use a telescope. They don’t know how to use eyepieces, how to align the optics etc. The best scope for dumb people is a simple altazimuth refractor.

  6. dutyfan11 says:

    im getting the Orion StarSeeker 130

  7. ParaglidingManiac says:

    I’m planning on buying a Celestron Powerseeker 114/900 EQ. Looks close enough. Great review! thanks.

  8. miodragmilosevicbl says:

    I have SkyWatcher 114mm/900mm Newtonian telescope…it’s very nice telescope,perfect for begginners,and of course better than 60-70mm…Only problen is a collimation but ain’t have a laser so i have to improvise…now it’s all okay…=))

  9. TheRealSiguy says:

    Oh god no, I had one of these as my first telescope. Well built? I guess so if you can call a crowbar is “precision” and a rubber band “sturdy”. “Nothing wrong about this type of telescope”? Yeah, I guess there isn’t anything wrong with this type of telescope. When you own it, then there’s something seriously wrong with it.

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