Astrophotography: Guided Telescope Setup

| October 3, 2012 | 15 Comments

This is the setup I use for astro-photography. Featuring the Takahashi 150 scope, EQ6 mount, Orion Cams, and Craig Starks Software for guiding and image acquisition.
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  1. VA7ACG says:

    If you want to guide the scope, you can use PHD guiding. Works very well.

  2. ParaglidingManiac says:

    Synscan alt-azimuth goto mount by Sky-Watcher.

  3. VA7ACG says:

    What goto mount do you have?

  4. ParaglidingManiac says:

    I would like to be able to control my GOTO Computerized mount using some software through a RJ-45 cable. Could you please tell me what software can do that? Thank you!

  5. guitarplayer4real says:

    EQ6? Mine sounded like it was full of broken glass until I took it apart and regreased everything, now when it slews it sounds like a jet engine smoothly winding up, a huge difference.

  6. guitarplayer4real says:

    If you can go 10 then you can probably go 15:-) I dont have a lot of images but get round stars at 15 minutes with a similar setup, short of the Takahashi… EQMOD helped guiding a lot.

  7. Cosmo1642 says:

    You must have saved alot of money for this scope huh? With patience comes glory..

  8. AstronomyGuru84 says:

    Nice demo. I have the Starshoot autoguider and I have the same Orion guide-scope. I use an Orion 8″ reflector as my main imaging scope. I’ve got to get back out there and try some guided imaging again.

  9. SuperAKS1997 says:

    O..yeh i see now…those are some helpful informations you just gave


  10. VA7ACG says:

    P.S. I use “Nebulosity” to acquire the images and set exposures, etc.

  11. SuperAKS1997 says:

    wow…thats cool!!!thanks..

  12. VA7ACG says:

    I have done 10 min lights. When the scope is guided with PHD the results are superb.

  13. SuperAKS1997 says:

    what is the longer  exposure you did with this???

  14. AstronomyGuru84 says:

    I wish my mount was that quiet. 

  15. Thouchins says:

    Before you start, do you align your guidescope and main scope to be centered on the same object?

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