Astronomy & Telescopes : How to Use a Telescope With Setting Circles

| August 30, 2012 | 16 Comments

Setting circles are used to tell where the telescope is pointed in the sky. Use setting circles by reading ascension and declination with help from an astrophotographer in this free video on astronomy and telescopes. Expert: Billy Teets Contact: Bio: Billy Teets is a third-year graduate student in physics, with an emphasis on astronomy, at Vanderbilt University. Filmmaker: Dimitri LaBarge The Hubble Space Telescope in celestial orbit around the Earth, gives us the most amazing space photographs in the universe.
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  1. Zosimos Cosmos says:

    that thing is aas big as me man hooooooboy

  2. acerza89 says:

    is that a toy?

  3. percepto7 says:

    Great video, finally I understand hoy to use the setting circles of my equatorial mount. I thought something was wrong with my mount because the RA circle was always pointing strange coordinates, until I saw that you can/must adjust it every session of observation by aligning it with a known object. Muchas Gracias!

  4. mulleolsen says:

    Where you got that telescope from!!!! It´s huge

  5. robz797 says:

    it is huge and so is he

  6. ledzeppelin4892000 says:

    I have a question, how would you locate 0h right ascension from your location? Say you were dropped in the middle of nowhere and had to navigate your way using the CCS, how would you know where 0h RA is at? Would a compass help?

  7. relativityprinciple says:

    I’m sorry I’m not listening to you… i am more disturbed and looking at the telescope behind. Why not make another video and just showcase that huge thing, :o)

  8. relativityprinciple says:

    Wow, that telescope is a huge thing….

  9. relativityprinciple says:

    Wow, that telescope is a huge thing….

  10. maximkt says:

    Great job!
    Finally starting to get my head around this.

  11. mcfalberg says:

    Really helped me get a better idea of Sidereal Time and how to measure it. Thank you.

  12. microflex22 says:

    The cutest astronomer I’ve ever seen!

  13. Gufberg says:

    True, the general non-helping waving annoyed me.

  14. scottohscott says:

    I wish he’d do another vid and just show us that telescope… tell us what it is.

  15. csfpaul says:

    amazing pics groovy tune ,
    can hubble pictue the moon?

  16. RJL738 says:

    Thanks for showing these beautiful pictures. The their are almost 500 billion known galaxies and their may be several times as many yet to be descovered and their are probibly many more objects to be discovered.

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