Amateur Astronomy for Beginners: Buying a Telescope

| May 29, 2012 | 16 Comments

A little advice on purchasing that first telescope.
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  1. guitarrmasta says:

    fly me to the moon- frank sinatra

  2. truemartian says:

    In general all telescopes will do the job but larger telescopes are better for deep space. Reflectors are cheaper to make larger than refractors. I hope this helps.

  3. truemartian says:

    You did in fact see Venus, the moon, and Saturn! There are two ways to increase your magnification. Magnification is given by dividing the focal length of your telescope by the focal length of the eyepiece. You can either increase the focal length of your telescope(ie. get a longer focal length telescope) or decrease the focal length of your eyepiece(ie. get an eyepiece with a shorter focal length).

  4. hadyourmam1 says:

    hi ive recently bought a table top reflector telescope because im just getting into astronomy and id just like to clarify what iv seen because the image is a little small, i think iv seen venus and saturn, venus looked white in color and crescent shaped like the moon and saturn looked oval shaped, and i was just wondering if theres a way to make the image/planet bigger and more detailed. iv been observing in a light pollution area if that makes a difference. also r reflectors better for deep sky

  5. truemartian says:

    I suggest a minimum 4 inch reflector. Anything less in size will be a little more disappointing.

  6. gojoe1996 says:

    Thank you for the advice, I would love to buy one, but unfortunately my budget only opens up to $120 max, is there anything you could suggest in that price range?

  7. truemartian says:

    I am not a fan of TableTop scopes… quite frankly because I don’t like to carry a table with me wherever I star gaze and I can’t think of any portable table sturdy enough to hold a table top scope without shaking it either. I dobsonian 4.5-8 inch is a good scope to start out with. My favorites so far are the Orion Skyquest XT4.5 and XT6. I own and use both myself. I use the XT6 the most. I hope this helps.

  8. gojoe1996 says:

    @truemartian Hi, I’ve seen a couple of you video’s, I’ve always been extremely enthusiastic about astronomy, but I’ve knever owned a telescope, I’ve been doing alot of research on buying a good model, would you suggest a Orion SkyScanner 100mm TableTop Reflector as my first telescope? From what I’ve heard and read it would be a pretty good choice.

  9. truemartian says:

    Hi, I can’t say I’ve ever used this particular model before. I would suggest looking for reviews from folks who have. The diameter of the primary meets my minimum requirement but you may have a learning curve to follow with the equatorial mount. I typically recommend dobsonians for beginners but as long as you are ok with learning to use an equatorial mount and are cool dealing with any quality issues, the scope should do the job. I hope this helps.

  10. seekeroftruth06 says:

    hi,, im looking to buy a telescope ,im just starting out ,and ive found a skywatcher 200p,eq5 ,,what do you know about these ,would it be a good place to start ,any help would be good thanx

  11. truemartian says:

    Can’t remember the name of it but it is an old “Blue Eyes” tune. 😉

  12. KSATica says:

    what song was playing at the beginning :)

  13. debzvicecity says:

    check the link on google if it doesnt work on ure browser..

  14. debzvicecity says:

    Thanks a lot for the advice..
    Im sending you this link:
    Can you please tell me if it is worth the buy and what objects would i be able to see?
    im a beginner by the way, even though they say we can see all sorts of stuff but I wanna hear it from the expert…thanks for your time.. !

  15. truemartian says:

    Thanks for sharing your experience!

  16. TheHemiphil81 says:

    ive been an amateur astronomer for 20 i have a 10 inch tmb apo refractor on an ap 1200 mount.if it was me id start with a least a 6 inch archo refractor.their alittle more expensive but well worth it.for ep,s i have all televue eps.i use pans, radians.some eps are expensive but well worth the money.

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