A Tour of the Parkes Radio Telescope (1990)

| April 8, 2012 | 7 Comments

An entertaining guide to the role and operation of the Parkes Radio Telescope for showing to visitors to the Parkes Visitors Centre.
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  1. mjfoster76 says:

    Will be using this vid with my class of 15 year olds. Many thanks from England

  2. IslamNowUK says:

    Old school 90’s vibe plus you’ve gotta give it to the old chap in the control room with the hot pants

  3. Gaysluuut says:

    This has been flagged as spam show

  4. snowboarder7489 says:

    Lol I love that “state-of-the-art” technology from the 90s

  5. bass109 says:

    Jesus christ is king of kings and lord of lords

  6. mandar4medha says:

    Great video. Thanks.

  7. duscamry says:

    i was there yesterday, bloody amazing, its in the middle of nowhere.

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