A guide to the Sky Watcher Mercury 705 AZ3 Telescope

| February 19, 2012 | 13 Comments

Presented by Robert J Dalby Produced by ARB Media Productions for The Astronomy and Nature Centre
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A guide to the Meade ETX 60 AT Special Edition GOTO Telescope. This amazing instrument comes with everything you need to discover the fascinating hobbies of astronomy and nature watching! Available at: www.scopesnskies.com Presented by Robert J Dalby Produced by The Astronomy and Nature Centre in association with ARB Media Productions.


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  1. leommrusso says:

    First time Scope buyer- thanks so much. Would love to see some astrophotographs with that SLR!

  2. breakspirit says:

    Your taste in coats may be questionable, but you make some of the greatest videos on Youtube. I just wish I lived anywhere near the A&NC so I could visit. Keep up the good work!

  3. Kane856 says:

    @AstronomyAndNatureTV Aha got it - I was searching for SkyWatcher Mercury 705 as in the video title, got it now – appreciate the assistance :)

  4. Pieh0 says:

    Just wondering, while you are doing this review/guide, i can hear a noise from the motor’s. I assume this is the telescope keeping the object tracked in the field of view, that being the case, what sort of accuracy do you get from it? Wanting to get into astrophotography and a GOTO telescope would help massively with keeping things tracked. Thanks

  5. AstronomyAndNatureTV says:

    @JulianArceoOfficial Hi there, thanks for watching! You can speed up the text by just tapping the menu control up arrow at the bottom of the handset. You can speed the display up or down by tapping these keys. Please note: you need to tap or dab them and not just press and hold to change the speed noticeably. Hope this helps. Regards A&NC

  6. JulianArceoOfficial says:

    my controllers words go really really slow, and i see the controller on yours words go at the perfect speed, is there any way i can change the text speed?

  7. saxonwarrior23 says:

    this is brilliant only just started out doin astronomy got myself a national geographic telescope not havin much luck finding anything .might have to buy one of these scopes instead are they expensive to buy . thanks

  8. kayak1969p says:

    my wife bought me the etx 80 goto se today :) just waiting for it to arrive now: )

  9. nanoraiden9 says:

    Very Helpful, I had broguht mine out a few nights ago, and couldnt figure out the proper way to align it, Thanks!!

  10. MidiRain says:

    Looks great!

    I cant wait till i get mine soom :)

  11. thepoolboy1 says:

    Thank you !!!!!! I have the original ETX-60 and I love it ! What a nice little scope and yes is very nice for beginners like myself. I think you can update the skymaps with these though? Would love to know?


  12. giofrasa says:

    very nice……………!

  13. IlsRunway09 says:

    thanx that was very very gud

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